Mount and blade_ warband when should i start my own kingdom


They are supported by raw materials from the surrounding villages and trade caravans from other towns. The player will interact with towns frequently to rest, sell lootpurchase goods and equipmentand establish businesses. Note, Zendar was a neutral city positioned between the Nords and Vaegirs that players began the game in. It was removed from the game in patch 0. To take control of a town, you must besiege it or convince the owner to join your faction. Once you have successfully won control of a town, you can manage it and station a garrison there.

Each town also grants control of two or more villages. If you are also a monarch of your own factionyou gain one more option unless the town is already your capital :. Guild masters allow you to do multiple things within a town. If your reputation with the town and its lord is above zero, or you are the town's ruler, you may buy land within the town for a Productive Enterprisewhich will earn a profit each week based upon a myriad of factors.

Guild masters can also give you jobs and quests, which increase your reputation with the town. Some quests can improve the prosperity of the town, which influences goods prices and taxes.

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A full quest list can be found on the quests pagebut some of these jobs are:. They also guide you as to which towns are most dangerous for your own trade enterprise. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Factions Bannerlord. Universal Conquest Wiki. Khergit Halmar Ichamur Narra Tulga. Nord Sargoth Tihr Wercheg.

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Rhodok Jelkala Veluca Yalen. Swadia Dhirim Praven Suno Uxkhal. Vaegir Curaw Khudan Reyvadin Rivacheg. Sarranid Ahmerrad Bariyye Durquba Shariz.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

Mount \u0026 Blade Warband / How To Start Your Own Faction Walkthrough Part 21

I have days played now, 22 level, dream team completed and I want to create my own faction but no idea if I can defend it. With my 40 troops army I cant do much versus castle defences. By the way, Im meeting with Lady Tibal but her father says i cant marry her if I dont have any fiefs and dont supporting king Fatlaus. Will it be possible to marry her after I create my faction?

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. One more question: which cities give biggest profit with factory? Velvet factory in Rivacheg for sure, something other? Ray View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Ray ; 25 Aug, pm. Meadows View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by RayB :. There are a few ways to make your own faction. Besides just founding a kingdom by starting a personal war with a faction and declaring yourself king, you can found a kingdom by rebelling when a king refuses a fief to you.

Be aware, however, that such an act will throw you into a bloody war of independence which, if I am assuming correctly, you will surely lose. An army of only 40 men is not going to help you get anywhere, even if they are the infamous Swadian knights.

mount and blade_ warband when should i start my own kingdom

Sure, you can trample a king's army with them on the field, but if you plan on taking land, you'll need a lot more men. And afterwards, you'll need to take the time to build up your new kingdom's army, which will take some time to assemble. After all, after a siege, you'll need to gather more men to continue the push, and you'll waste time as well as leave yourself open for attack if you resort to training more men on the fly.

I myself learned a lot during my time as a king, and if there is one thing you must always remember when ruling your kingdom, it's that you should train as many men as possible during peacetime. About the other two things, however? Well, I don't know about getting married and stuff. I never really needed a wife during my life as a king. As It turned out, all I needed was to evenly share the spoils of war the best I can with my lords so they would not grow bitter.

Having a wife probably would make things easier, though. As for factories, I don't know about them either. I made most of my money from the fiefs I owned and the wars I fought. Money is quite easy to come by once you get a little land to call your own. However, if you plan on being a good king, you'll need to learn not to hog all the fiefs for yourself. Otherwise your kingdom will crumble due to political discord. Originally posted by Miyamoto :. You can get 15 for a proper marriage, or 7 for eloping.

You can also send heroes on missions to promote your right to rule normally 3, but very rarely they'll return with official recognition, which gives And once you have enough so people will listen to you, you can also gain 1 every time you make peace. Miiiiiiiiiiiiike View Profile View Posts. I've passed days and I'm still a vassal XD.In return, the facility can convert raw material goods into finished product goods that usually have a higher sell price, allowing the player to profit from the difference.

An enterprise can be set to run automatically, allowing the player to set up several sources of additional income that require little to no maintenance, allowing the player to focus their time on issues other than generating revenues once the player can build up the initial down payment to have a large set of enterprises built.

Productive enterprises are only built in towns by speaking to the Guild Master about productive enterprises, but only one can be built per town. They can only be set up in towns where the player has a neutral or positive reputation for the town, the lord, and the faction that controls the town. If the faction that controls the town becomes hostile to the player, the player will not receive profits from the facilities for as long as they are hostile, and in the weekly budget report, it will say that the shop is "under sequestration".

However, the enterprise's warehouse will not be altered in any way, and operation will be resumed immediately once the former enemy faction's hostilities with the player are over.

Once the initial lump sum of money is spent, seven days must pass before the facility is completely built. The "average profit" in the table is calculated from the base value of the goods in question. As these are commodities, their actual prices will radically differ from one town to another, and all the standard issues of tradeand hence, the low and high value of goods according to supply, apply.

The formula used estimating the weekly profit is: value of outputs minus value of inputs minus cost per week. Your facility can drastically impact local supply by buying up the supply of raw materials, and flooding the market with their finished products, driving raw material prices up, product prices down, and overall resulting in diminishing profits over time unless caravans or the player can stabilize the prices through trading commodities to other towns.

A productive enterprise will buy, convert goods of one type into goods of another, and then sell back those goods on the exact moment of the weekly budget report, and markets will adjust their inventories at the same time. A player can manipulate the markets by buying up the finished product or selling off the raw material just before this occurs, adjusting prices for those goods. Like with real markets, it is possible for players to "speculate" in the markets - buying up, manufacturing, and stockpiling goods in the warehouses of your facilities until prices are high before selling them off at potentially greater profits.

Each facility has its own warehouse that lets you store a large number of items. Raw materials of the type the facility uses will be consumed instead of purchasing directly from the market if you place those raw materials in the warehouse.

You can also direct the enterprise to stockpile its products in the warehouse instead of selling them to the market, so that you can sell them in other towns or to wait for prices to rise. You can also store items unrelated to the facility, which will simply be stored for later retrieval if you have yet to claim a fief.

Generally, a highly productive town will produce many goods on their own that drive prices down and make your own businesses, which have fixed production rates, less profitable, meaning that sometimes less prosperous towns are more lucrative markets.

Conversely, villages are the providers of the raw materials for your industry, so if villages are routinely looted, the prices of your raw materials go up, eating into your profits, as well. The most lucrative markets, however, are locations where villages produce a raw material that their associated towns do not actually produce the finished product. Curaw 's villages, for example, produce iron, but Curaw itself does not produce tools, making iron very inexpensive and tools produced from that iron relatively valuable at least, until you flood the market in that town.

The frequency of caravan visits also plays a role: caravans tend to normalize the prices by buying up finished products that are overabundant and cheap raising the prices of your own goods if you are flooding the market with more goods than it can absorbbut also buying up cheaper raw materials if you are enjoying an abundant supply of cheap materials, and cutting into your profit margins as well.

A town with infrequent caravan visits may provide very cheap raw materials, but because your industry will flood the market with goods, will also drastically lower the prices of your finished products as well. In these cases, the most profitable course of action may be to order the industry to warehouse the products so that you can sell them to other markets yourself, which requires personal supervision of the industry, but can allow you to enjoy the full benefit of lower raw material prices and exploiting high finished product prices in other towns.

Generally speaking, mills and bakeries are unprofitable, as you will face too much competition as every town already has a bakery and every village produces grain.

Productive Enterprise

Wool cloth, likewise, is produced almost everywhere, but wool itself generally is not, often leading to negative profit margins. Conversely, breweries are generally reliable, if not terribly profitable ventures, since the price of two ale will almost always be far above that of a single grain. The other products all generally depend upon the relative availability of raw materials and what a town already produces. Towns that produce goods whose raw materials are not produced by their villages or whose villages are routinely ransacked will offer poor or even negative profit margins, while towns that do not produce a product while their villages produce a raw material will offer up great profits in that type of product.

This can completely phase out the need for buying raw materials from the market and waiting for more from the outlying villages and trading caravans.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This guide aims to help new players to survive in the unforgiving land that is Calradia, covering many aspects in the game. This item has been added to your Favorites.

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Created by. Guide Index. Introduction and settings. Character Creation. Attributes and Skills. Where to start? Early Game: First steps. Building an army. Levelling and gearing your companions. Gaining gold and spending it. Mid Game: Joining a Kingdom. Managing your fiefs. Expanding your influence. Lord Personalities.

Getting Right to Rule. End Game: Becoming a King. Giving fiefs. The End. Welcome to my Mount and Blade Warband guide!

In the next pages you will find a good number of tips and strats to get you in a desirable starting position to start forging your legend amongst the nobles of Calradia. But, first things first: Settings. While it might be more difficult at first, i suggest setting the defense to "Mouse direction". First, this leads to a more challenging and fun gameplay. Plus, you will thank me whenever you jump to a MP game.

I also recommend increasing the difficulty of battle to at least medium, otherwise soldiers are going to barely attack more than once every 5 seconds.We have established the basic process of how to create your own faction. In simple terms you simply have to seize a town or city as an independent. The problem is keeping your empire and avoiding a crushing attack from the other factions.

Obviously you have to be levelled up, kitted out and in command of a large, well trained army. Making friends will also help because there is a greater chance that other lords will stay neutral when you rebel. You can also improve your chances of victory by recruiting lords to your cause. This will make your faction more powerful but it will also decrease your chances of grabbing land for yourself.

If you persuade a lord to defect or you make a companion into a vassal you will need to grant them lands of their own to keep them happy. Make sure that you have a decent relationship before you broach the subject so as to avoid trouble. You can also question the competency of the current king and suggest you would do a better job. It is a smart idea to survey the scene before making any moves and make sure you approach the disaffected lords.

You can find out the situation by observing messages, talking to lords and ladies and sending your companions to gather intelligence. You can learn poems in taverns and there seems to be a limit of five in total. The benefit of marriage is that it gives you the ability to hold feasts and increase your standing. It also brings you closer to the family, provided the marriage was sanctioned.

In order to meet eligible ladies you should win tournaments and then visit the feast and dedicate the tournament win to the lady you fancy. You can check your Right to Rule rating in your Character Report. When you think you are ready to create your own faction you should start to build up this rating by talking to your companions and telling them you want to be king.

Each of your companions will have a different idea about how to improve your chances of becoming king. Each time they return your Right to Rule will increase by 3. To be taken seriously you have to have a good rating in terms of renown, honor and Right to Rule just over 50 worked for me. If you are on friendly terms and you have a good standing in Calradia then you should be able to get peace.

You can also use your companions as diplomats for your cause and send them to visit factions in an attempt to get treaties. You can do this by talking to your minister and asking him to dispatch an emissary. You want to send someone in your party with good persuasion skills to increase your chances of success. There are various things that will make your standing suffer and so you must avoid them if you want to be taken seriously as a king.

If you have a high Controversy rating you run the risk of incurring the wrath of everyone.A player's own kingdom, consisting of SargothTehlrog CastleAlburq Castle and their respective villages.

Founding your own kingdom is a feature new to Warband. It is the ability to set yourself up as a king or queen of your own fully fledged faction. All monarchs have a claim to the throne of Calradia. Before you start your own kingdom, make sure you have a lot of renowneither honor or dishonor depending on your liking and desired relationsand especially, a lot of right to rule.

When starting the game, it is best to first be a vassal of another kingdom, and when you are powerful, revolt and start your own kingdom. This gives you a chance to make friends, who will become your vassals. Also, it will give you a fair fight when you start; a level 5 king is not going to be popular or effective, at least level 20 is recommended.

The first requirement of ascending to the throne is that you cannot be tied to another claimant.

How to make your own kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

In other words, you must not be part of a rebellion or a vassal of one of the current factions. If you already are, there are three ways out: ask to be released from your oath, be denied a fief you requested and dispute the judgment by force, or ask your husband to join you in a rebellion female characters only.

If you are currently questing for a claimant, you can convince the claimant to abandon the rebellion, and you will take over the entire territory you conquered for them at the cost of honor you will receive the ability to rename your faction and give fiefs to your companions. If you did not manage to secede from your liege with lands and are a landless unaffiliated person, all that is required is to start conquering.

Having solved a dispute over a fief by force or starting a rebellion will lead to war with the faction you're in. If you're not currently at war or in any faction, you can attack a lord or monarch to go to war with the faction; consider that you will lose a lot of relationship points with the monarch, making him your enemy. Once you have a castle or town you will be given the opportunity to name your new faction and begin your rule. A good strategy can be to wait until a castle or town has just been captured and then siege it, as it will only have a small garrison of around troops for castles and troops for towns.

This is useful as you will be fighting with no allies for your first siege. Note: You cannot attack the castles or towns of a faction with which you do not have a negative relation. When you start your own kingdom, you will be told that a court has been set up in your kingdom's capital. This capital is automatically assigned to the first town or castle you obtained and still possess. If you do not have any towns, the court will be held in the first castle you obtained.

The court can be moved at any time, though certain materials are required Tools and Velvet. The court is where all decisions are made, from giving fiefs to vassals to choosing a new marshall to conquer foreign lands. As a ruler, you have many new options. Your first task is to appoint a minister to look after your lands; this can be a companiona wife which will upset your vassalsor even a prominent local randomly generated NPC.

However, it is not advisable to choose the prominent local, as you will be unable to take full advantage of minister features companions are automatically chosen if you have them in your party. By talking to this minister, you can conduct different affairs of state. Fiefs can be distributed amongst your vassals, and the current marshall and minister can be changed. If you chose the prominent local, you will only have the option to change the marshall and minister.

If you choose one of your companions as a minister, you may swap them back into your party at any time. It is also possible to hire a new companion at the tavern just to make them a minister, as there is no difference between a high-level and low-level companion as minister. Lord Doru wishes to join the players faction. Note the change in Lord Doru's prefix before you even allow him in the kingdom. As a ruler you will often find landless lords from other kingdoms in your court, hoping to become your vassal.

This can happen at random for the most part, but it is also heavily influenced by their personality, their experience with their last kingdom, your renownand how many unassigned fiefs you have. You can try to get other nobles to defect to your cause by talking to them privately and asking how they feel about their liege, but do not expect a high success rate; while the nobles may dislike their current ruler, most dislike being branded a traitor even more.

Much like recruiting lords for a claimant's cause, trying to get other lords to join your kingdom is heavily dependent on renown, number and location of fiefs, kingdom's total troop size, affection, your charismayour persuasion level, and mere chance.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

mount and blade_ warband when should i start my own kingdom

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Masterfold View Profile View Posts. I've got a decent party max of aboutso I figured that I want to start my own faction.

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How do you start your own faction? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. You first have to get hostile to another faction. After you have taken your first holding everything should run without further explanation. Have fun :. Because you can only loot a village when you are on its nation's badside. Meadows View Profile View Posts. At those settings I conqured calrida. Auren View Profile View Posts.

I usually attack one of their Vassals to get them hostile towards me. After that you should be able to seige one of their castles or towns and make your own faction :. Yeah isn't much. You will lose most of them trying to take a castle. And when you do, factions will declare war on your and put you down very quickly. Well, I've taken a castle, and it's stationed with about 70 troops not much, I know.

Are there any ways to increase my party max level quickly?

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